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Let me die in a pile of empty brass 2nd Amendment Guns Police

Let me die in a pile of empty brass 2nd Amendment Guns Police


Police Officers

2nd Amendment, Lord's Prayer #molonlabe #2ndAmendment #GunControl #CTRF

Dont Tread On Me, Thin Blue Lines, You Call, 2nd Amendment, Law

2nd Amendment prayer

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Let me die in a pile of empty brass. Serving the peace. Thank a police officer, he'll die saving your life. ATOMIKTIGER · 2nd Amendment



Pile of Brass Pro Gun Trump 2nd Amendment Embossed Tin Sign Home Bar W | TreasureGurus

Pile of Brass Pro Gun Trump 2nd Amendment Embossed Tin Sign Home Bar Wall Decor



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Die in a Pile of Brass T-Shirt by Ranger Up, Grant Me Victory Prayer Tee Black


Motivational Quote Wood Sign Black and White Thin Blue Line Wood Sign Police Sheriff Deputy Trooper LEO Man Cave Gym Weight Room Motivation

Primitive blue line police officers Let me Die in a Pile of Brass BRAND NEW design Cop Correction Wood Sign Plaque Law Enforcement

Regulate Weapons Like We Do in the Military, Says an Army Officer - The Atlantic

First Circuit Court of Appeals Rule No Right to Bear Arms Outside the Home


Bullet Proof

How To Hide Your Guns

... any police forces that use this model. Again, strange. I recently got the chance to shoot this pistol over a few days and here are my first impressions.

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Ammo Stockpile

... Building a .450 Bushmaster AR-15 Hunting Rifle With Off-the-Shelf Parts · Dick's Sales Drop After Dissing Second Amendment Supporters ...

Daily Gun Deals: PSA 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) $49.99 ...

First line of defence: An armed police officer crouches down and positions his weapon on

And last but not least, just because your guns are located in a secret room doesn't mean that you can forego putting them into a high-quality, ...


Image is loading AMERICAN-WARRIOR-Prayer-SS-T-SHIRT-S-3X-

... LLC and Simon Says Train to present "Black Powder Matters," a unique black powder training clinic instructed by the first ever US NRA ...

... Second Amendment Supporters · Gun Control Fails Again in Maryland, but Self-Defense Works

Never Outgunned Stay Vigilant 2nd Amendment T-shirt from Ranger Up, Black

Savage Arms

What are the best guns for preparedness?


Target practice: Above, Jeff Yanke, a hunter and wildlife biologist, takes aim at test targets downrange (below). The barrels are loaded with one-gallon ...

... Police Officer Badge $10.90 · KN-LONGRANGE Rifle ...

You may want to stop throwing 22LR brass away.

John – I had planned to go to the range today to sight in a couple of rifles. However, we had tons of rain. Probably as much as Rob gets in half ...

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Been awhile since ole Lt Christiansen posted something. So here's the Motivation of the Week

Antique Old West 1900's Tombstone Police Officer Badge

Building the Ultimate Modern Sporting Rifle ...

Interdynamic_KG-99 Pistol

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Photo of a real 'home made' gun

Haitian police say they found weapons (pictured) in the cars of several men driving

A group of U.S. 'mercenaries' armed with an arsenal of weapons return home | Daily Mail Online

Rifle Bullet-Shaped Pocket Knife $8.44 · BD-PINKERTON

Some #liberalassholes that want to take away someone else rights. #2A #strapped

cop's dust cover engaging used against him in court

Antique Old West 1900's Tombstone Police Officer Badge $9.49 · BD-TEXASRANGER

This is the terrifying hoard of deadly weapons seized from a 'sophisticated' criminal gang

Vaping cannabis makes has more of an effect on users than smoking the drug, study finds | Daily Mail Online

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Voor de fanatieke marathon loper, maar ook voor lopers die trainen voor wat extra basisconditie. Over hoe je meer presteert, beter herstelt en weet wat je ...

Killing Dr King pt 2 logo.jpg

Civilian firearms inquiry officer Neil Corlett is pictured with seized weapons in the armoury (including

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brass snap caps

All the weapons sold by the store have been stamped with the store's details

Showing off: A gold-plated AK47 automatic rifle and a gold-plated silencer were among the haul of weaponry displayed by police in Guadalajara, Mexico

Basement Gun Hiding Location

Trump's Bump-Stocks Ban is a Bigger Danger for 2A than Most Realize

Is the Second Amendment Dead ...... not quite but wait.

0302 - The Nanaimo RCMP is in possession of a Savage Model 11 Bolt action rifle which was turned into the detachment in late February, after being found in ...

... disgusting so-called “media” colluding with the lying, disgusting so-called “authorities” from the so-called “Indiana State Police”, ...

The Second Amendment Primer

Many ...

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Gold guns Mexico

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According to the Office of Juvenille Justice and Delinquency Prevention, there are approximately 44 million gun owners in the United States.

Just a start of belt fed fun! #pileofbrass #556 #brasstothegrass #linked4and1

Who the heck is this "Charlie" anyway?

Gun American Flag 2nd Amendment Tee Shirt Pro 2A Military Police Funny Gift USA


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The Secret History of Guns ...

Pictured is an example of how alike replica and real guns can be - on the

Scene: At the time of his death, Mr Baker, 28, the father

This automatic Scorpion machine pistol was also recovered by police

The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Better him than you or your loved ones.

This was one of the terrifying weapons taken off the streets when police swooped on an

Mmhmm. #slackout #breatheandsqueeze #guncontrol #guns #thinblueline #copart #copstuff

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These WWII Veterans Came Home and Launched an Insurrection Against Corrupt Politicians

When he was growing up in Petersburg, Zack Christensen participated in the Polar Bear Plunge. (Photo courtesy of Mali Christensen)

Cleaning both Ruger #pewpew #🔫 #40cal #2 #murica #keepthemclean #

The Garage Hour goons are here to help: we captured Mike Schwartz of San Diego County Gun Owners and sometime cohost Matt "Killer" Klier of Active Shooter ...