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Today 13 rajab birthday of Imam Ali the famous hero leader in Islam

Today 13 rajab birthday of Imam Ali the famous hero leader in Islam


Today 13 rajab birthday of Imam Ali the famous hero leader in Islam and who was borne inside Kaaba.

Monday, April 10th, 2017, marks the birth anniversary of Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (p), 13th of Rajab, 1438 A.H.

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ولاية الامام علي عليه السلام Ramadan Photos, Surrender To God, Mola Ali, Shia

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IMAM ALI (as) • Name – Ali Ibn Abi Talib • Title - Al ...

"اللّهمَّ صَلِّ عَلى فاطِمَةَ و أبيها و بَعْلِها و بَنيها و السِّرِّ المُستَوْدَعِ فيها بِعَدَدِ ما أحاطَ بِه عِلْمُك"

27 Rajab Duas & Aamal

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Ali Asad Allah - Ali the Lion of Allah

Be humble- Imam al-Baqir

Yaum-e Ali Mubarak! Imam Hazrat Ali's Birthday Anniversary!

Today 13 rajab birthday of Imam Ali the famous hero leader in Islam and who was borne inside Kaaba. abs sdy · Holly heroes · True Quotes, True Sayings, ...

Who is Ali bin Abu Talib?

AL Ghadeer by almahdi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Imam Ali, Eid,

... Rajab 2nd – Birth of Imam al-Hadi ...

Imam Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, was the first cousin of the Holy Prophet (SWS). His father, Abu Talib, and the father of the Holy Prophet, ...

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✨Today (13th Rajab) marks the birth of Imam Aliع in the Ka'bah. . ✨Lion of the Prophet (saws). . ✨Father of the two Masters of Jannah.

The Icon of Justice

Coffin of Imam 'Ali, Folio from the Falnama (the Book of Omens) of Ja'far al-Sadiq

Siyer-i Nebi - Imam Ali und Hamza bei dem vorgezogenen Einzelkampf in Badr gegen

A Unique Leader in the History of Mankind

Ali Bin Abu Talib (11-40/632-661), 1st Imam. “

Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality

Qalandaria. “


Imam Ali's (A.S.) life was not the repetition of other people's lives, rather his life shed light on certain aspects of human life which had so far been ...

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Muhammad Iqbal

Bayah of Imam Ali - Muslims Swearing Allegiance to Hazrat Ali as ordained in the Quran

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An Englishman Reflects on the Nature of Imam Ali by Barnaby Rogerson @Simerg

The Muslim Link, September 19, ...


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Aayi 13 Rajab ke bahaar Bolo bolo mast qalandar! ❤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ImamAli #noor #light #revelation ...

The history of mankind has witnessed many leaders over the ages. Many of these leaders achieved leadership through might or inheritance and some were chosen ...

Inscriptions of Naad-e-Ali and the family of Hazrat Ali on Islamic works of art

Imam Ali's Son Abbas ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala - Amaana.org

The following are excerpts from the book 'Hadrat Ali, r. a.' by Prof. Masud-ul-Hasan. We gratefully acknowledge and thank Islamic Publications (Pvt.) Ltd., ...

The name of Ali with Islamic calligraphy in Hagia Sophia, (present-day Turkey)

Imam and Imamat

Imam Hazrat Ali Collection on Ismaili Web

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Who is the Ali, the universal hero of Islam? The last of those who are known as the Rightly Guided Caliphs, the greatness of Imam Ali is best represented by ...

Aspects of Ismaili Theology: The Prophetic Chain and the God Beyond Being by Wilferd Madelung

NAME : Ali

According to commentators, the phrase "such of the followers as follow you" alludes to Hadrat Ali.

The Twelfth One Imam Mahdi (Pbuh) In The Bible, Quran, Islam And Other Religions As The Promised Savior (And His Enemies And Friends) – A Survey Handbook

Biography Of Hazrat Ali : Ali Alaihissalaam

Maula Ali Dargah - Hyderabad - Famous Dargah Ziarat & History - Ibaadat

Imam Ali ...

We Love Karbala ( @we_love_karbala )

Part III - The Imams of Those Who Proclaim the Unity of Existence

Allama Murtaza Mutahhari - Woman and Her Rights in Islam (With Index Version) | Natural And Legal Rights | Marriage

Explanation for the present cracks in Ka'aba ...

Allah and Ahlulbayt 🌹 ( @14roses_ )

The Prophet Muhammad and the Muslim Army at the Battle of Uhud.jpg

Representational image

Map of Ancient Persia In Depth including Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Muslim Views, March 2018

Anjum Sakeena ( @anjum_sakeena )

Muharram| Safar | Rabi Al-Awaal |Rabi Al-Thani| Jumada Al-Awwal|Jumada Al-Akhir|Rajab |Shaban|Ramadan|Shawwal 1434 |Thul-Qedah|Thul-Hijjah

Ali as

ALI goes forward • Imam ...

Iran, Islam, and the Struggle for Identity and Power in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Shireen T. Hunter ACMCU Occasional Papers July 2014

Imam Muhamamd Al Baqir (AS) was born in Madina on the 1st of Rajab

Foaming waves of the sea: While addressing Hadrat Uthman, Hadrat Ali said that treason was likely to rage like the foaming waves of the sea.

46. The Martyrdom of Imam Ali ...

Imam Ali Al Hadi An Naqi(AS) was born in Madina on the 5th

(Tafseer Pooya/Ali, for verse 2:125)


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NAME : Ali


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History of Imam Husain And His Martyrdom

Imam Ali (A.S.) from Birth to the Dawn of Islam:

Ali's knowledge ...

This fine steel peacock may have decorated the cross-bar of an alam, a

The founder of the first Muslim care home: Syeda Zaynab bint Ali: her productivity even when facing trials and tribulations

By: Majd Arbil Source: IslamiCity May 13, 2004 74 Comments

Imam Ali, Commander of the Faithful