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Vintage African Hand Carved Large Wood Hair Comb Pick Tribal

Vintage African Hand Carved Large Wood Hair Comb Pick Tribal


Vintage African Hand Carved Large Wood Hair Comb Pick Tribal Face Mask Pair of 2 |

African wooden comb | Carved Congo Luba tribe | Home decor | Antique/Vintage | Gift for her | Authentic | Handmade

Large 16" Vintage African Hand Carved Wood Tribal Figural Serving Spoon & Fork

Vintage African Hand Carved Wood Hair Pick 12.6" × 4" Large

Vintage African Hand Carved Comb; Very Good Condition; Two Tone Wood; Unique Etchings

Vintage African Wooden Carved Hair Comb African Woman Face .Hand Carved Ebony Hair Comb figural.Tribal African Carved Hair Comb.African Gift


Vintage African Hair Comb Tribal Pick Ornament Carved Carved Wood Kenya Lot 7

Africa | Comb. Akan/Ashanti people. Ivory Coast/Ghana. | Wood | Image ©Michel Renaudeau

Vintage African Art / Hair Pick - Hand Carved Wood - Rare - Unique


Luba Tribal Wood Hair Figural Comb Original Hand Carved African Wedding 03

Vintage Handcrafted African Tribal Afro Hair Pick Comb Hand Carved 7”

Luba Tribal Wood Hair Comb Figural Original Hand Carved African..Wedding 01

Luba Tribal Wood Hair Figural Comb Original Hand Carved African Wedding

Vintage large hand carved wooden African ceremonial comb

3 Vintage African tribal wooden carved hair combs Nigeria Yoruba tribe

Vintage African Tribal Hair Comb/ornament Hand Wire Wrapped

Ashanti Akan Ghana Tribal Figural Wood Decorative Hair Comb Wedding Adornment Hand Carved African *1

antique ebony wood hand carved large african comb

Luba Tribal Hair Figural Comb Original Hand Carved Wood African Wedding 03

... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb full main front view

TRIBAL HAIR PICK Vintage African Hand Carved Zaramo Wooden Pick from Tanzania in East Africa.

An antique Luba hair comb ornamental hand carved female figure Congo, Zambia, African Tribal Arts

Vintage African, Hand Carved, Large Wood Fork, Spoon

JoyoComb JCFS0301 Handmade Premium Quality Whole Piece Natural African Mopane Wood Comb, Wooden Hair Comb with Handle 7.6" (19.5cm)

Vintage Hand Carved Wood Hair Pick 9.5" × 5" Large

Vintage Afro Comb Pick With Rhino Carved Decoration African Dark Hardwood Rhinoceros Funky Hair Comb Accessory

image 0

Vintage African Tribal Afro Hair Comb Pick - Hand Carved Wood 18" Long

Vintage Hand Carved African Tribal Hair Comb Afro Pick Wood Carved Woman Fish

Grand peigne Akan laqué noir (4)

Africa | Hair comb from the Asante people of Ghana | Wood Afrikaner, Afro Comb

African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb Full Front View

large Vintage African Hand Carved Wood and Mixed media Tribal Mask Wall Decor

African comb carved by members of the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, West Africa

suchasensualdestroyer: Akan (Ghana), Comb, wood, c. mid-20th

vintage African ebony black wood hand carved hair pick/comb detailed | eBay Pick Comb

Africa | Comb from the Ovimbundu people of Angola | Wood Tiaras, Tribal Hair ,

AUTHENTIC Vintage AFRICAN Tribal Mask Hand Carved Wood Wall Decor

African Baule I.Coast Comb W/ Bird Head Sculpture

Vintage Large Wood 19" Ethiopian Coptic Cross Hand Carved Face/Head African Art


... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb center view of clover and fruit ...

Antique Old Carved Wood Black African Figure Hair Pick Comb Decorative Object

Vintage PRIMITIVE Wood Comb Collection MUSTACHE Hair Pick Grooming -- Lot of 4!

... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb back full view ...

Antique East African Swahili Carved Ebony Hair Comb

Beautiful Rare Antique Vintage Hand Carved African Hair Fork Comb

Wide Tooth Comb for Curly Hair Natural Green Sandal Wood Hair Pick P8m4

... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb top view only of native carvings ...

... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb bottom view of teeth ...

... African Sudan Antique Hand Carved Wood Hair Comb shown with carved cup and mummified statue ...

Vintage Ebony Wood Comb Set Black Wooden Combs Tribal Art

African Antique /Vintage Hand Carved African (ASHANTI?) Dark Wood Comb w.

Vintage Handcarved African Art Wooden Tribal Hair Comb - Unusually Long 9"

SANSHOOR 3 Colors Natural Wooden AFRO Ethnic Pick Comb Earrings With African Map For Women As Christmas Day Gifts 4 Pairs/lot

Africa | Comb from the Ashanti people of Ghana | Wood. H: 35 cm

IMG_6051 ...

... Superb African Hand Carved Ashanti Tribe / Ghana Hair Pick Comb; Superb African Wood ...

... African wooden comb

YULUCH Ethnic Design Wooden Comb Pendant Earrings for African Fashion Women Jewelry Earrings Wedding Gifts

IMG_6051 IMG_6052 IMG_6055 ...

SANSHOOR Yellow Painting AFRO Comb Wood Drop Earrings African Indian Tribe Ethnic Hiphop Bohemian Jewelry For

African Fashion Jewelry Tribal Natural Beauty Painted Woman Wood Afrocentric Ethnic Jewelry Statement Earrings

Vintage African BATIK Dyed Cow BONE Earrings Ethnic Tribal Shaman Pagan Uber Kuchi

Artisan hand-finished metal comb from Chicago Comb, Made in USA

HoonArts Hand-Carved Square Wooden Comb

Moroccan tribal Berber wooden sugar hammer. Handcrafted by the Berber women of Morocco, hand

Moroccan Tribal Berber Wooden Sugar Hammer For Sale

African wood comb Ebony wood comb ...

African wood comb Ebony wood comb Fertility doll comb African comb ...

SANSHOOR Unfinished 8.5cm*5.8cm Africa Motherland Map Hand Carved Wooden Earrings For Painting

IMG_6051 IMG_6052 ...

African Tribal Art a Fine Old Lobi Stool or Head Rest Burkino Faso

Vintage Hand Carved Wood Cane Folk Art Lizard carving

Afghan Tribal Arts Vintage Pear Wood Textile Stamp


The world's oldest runic inscription (160 AD) on the Vimose comb, Denmark

SANSHOOR Unfinished African motherland Afro Comb Natural Wooden Hair Pick Earrings For Hand Painted New Year Gift 5Pairs/lot-in Drop Earrings from Jewelry ...

Superb Ashanti Tribe Hand carved comb with figures Ghana 8" 7/8 by 3" 1/2 | #506873539

Vtg antique fijian handcarved wooden hair pick comb pic afro melanesian fiji jpg 810x1080 Antique wooden

Old African Wooden Carving Kambatta Headrest/Stool , Africa - Ethiopia18.5" W

Head louse comb

Antique Old And Tribal African Wood Comb Hair Pick Africa Africana ...

Large Hand Carved Tribal Mask with Applied Grass Hair

African Bamileke Mask Cameroon 15" H For Sale

Ancient Egyptian comb, c. fifteenth century BC.

A Punjabi wooden comb

Luba Comb

African Bamileke Tribe Shield Cameroon 46" H For Sale

African Fashion Jewelry Tribal Wood Painted Urban Ethnic Comb Pick Dangle Afrocentric Art Rasta Statement Earrings

African Ethnic Afrocentric Tribal Fashion Jewelry Big Beautiful Woman Painted Wood Statement Natural Hair Girl Earrings

VTG Large Handcarved Wooden Squirrel Box Trinket Keepsake Jewelry Box | #1899376385

African art

1960s Vintage Rosewood African Woman Female Bust Sculpture